Anthony’s Tree House as of September 2016 …

ANTHONY, OUR  SON, BUILDING HIS TREE HOUSE ON OUR LAND  ….. September 2016  …. Initial stage ….

Our 34 year old son Anthony has come to live with us again after ten years of being away.  He acts as a tour manager for firms who engage him. These firms sign  him up because  they are  bringing in international music bands into Australia. He has to work out all the tour details for each band. He is very detailed, practical  and organising …. he loves it!!  He takes after his mother Harriet.

We all went to Melbourne in July last year to attend the funeral of Harriet’s mother Heather Kent. Heather  was 97 years old  and the  funeral was packed out. There were even people there who Heather wouldn’t have  seen for 20 years.  Heather  was a real  family woman. Anthony suddenly experienced the value of family. Anthony  was also one of the pall bearers. That is why Anthony  has come to live with us again after ten years of being away.  He has become very family orientated and wants to look after us in our later years.  He has come to love and appreciate  our house built  from recycled  materials. He has come  to help build ‘The Aitken Legacy’ long-term.

He has become  very focused on tree houses and has  selected a large tree down the back of our bush block land. He has already built the initial platform 4.5 metres off the ground. The dome is still  to built. He has formed a  Treehouse Club  on Facebook.  He has about 355  members already.

In November last year, he flew over to  Oregon, USA to meet Michael Garnier  who has a whole business in building  tree houses. He came back with a whole suitcase of special hinged bolts  that you can use on a tree  without hacking into the tree.  He was getting really serious.

See their use in the PDF file which has many  photos and explanatory words here: