Trip 11: Post 7 …. May 11- 22: The Ship We Went With Vogages To Antiquity: AEGEAN ODYSSEY

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Note: I would like  to share with  you  through  these few words, photographs and hyperlinked websites, a 3 Dimensional  experience as though you were  actually there with  us. Click on any photograph and it should enlarge to  different size ….. at least half screen or size full screen. It will be clearer in detail than the photo on the post. It will be as if you were  really there looking at the actual  scene. You are an arm chair traveller with us.

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See the Ship we went on  with Voyages to Antiquity (See the Post On this Website):

Classically elegant, but far from stuffy and formal, premium class MV Aegean Odyssey offers passengers every comfort at sea, with a relaxed, congenial atmosphere and the highest calibre of personal service.

Carrying an average of 350 passengers, Aegean Odyssey’s ideal size is perfectly suited for coastal cruising to the small inlets of the Mediterranean that larger ships cannot reach. It also allows her to navigate the great rivers of Asia, including the Saigon and Yangon Rivers, as well as Spain’s Guadalquivir River, for a unique combination of ocean and river cruising.

Aegean Odyssey features generously-sized suites and staterooms, including a special level of accommodation entitled ‘Balcony Class’ in categories A through D, which offers spacious staterooms with charming balconies and additional amenities including priority sightseeing boarding.

With tastefully understated interiors, Aegean Odyssey combines the best of traditional elegance with all the modern conveniences of a first-class ship. 


For areas on board where you meet your fellow passengers, relax, and by the end of the voyage everybody gets to know your name.

The Ship we went on  with Voyages to Antiquity, click on the first photo below the text on the ship as given above to see photos I couldn’t have taken.


Exterior Views on the Ship:


… The Ship with Ken and Harriet in the foreground …



…. a large liner that could hundreds of people  compared our small ship with approximately 350 people on board …






Terrace Cafe

Kens Birthday Dinner


Interior Views of the Ship:

 There were eleven floors on the ship, all linked by  a  lift or a staircase. There was  a very top deck on the 11th floor  …. the observation deck where you go up front and see ahead as to where the  ship was  sailing to.  If it was windy, you go inside to the observation lounge. This had many nice lounges and armchairs  and big wide windows you could look through.



There was main mid lounge you could go and talk with friends. You could buy a coffee or tea or  a drink at the counter as shown right up the back. Right up the back is also is the doorway to the large restaurant area or could go out on the outer deck and take a table overlooking the  ocean. One of the main things that is special about the trip like this is not the places you travel to but the people you meet …. often from another  country. Have we met before?

See this post for the Aegean Odyssey Click on the first photo below the text on the ship as given above to see photos I couldn’t have taken. This will illustrate so me the  dining facilities  which were available.


The observation lounge: This had many nice lounges and armchairs  and big wide windows you could look through to avoid the wind.


The Ambassador lounge: Lectures would be held by the on board lectures:  Professor Robin  Cormack and Dr. Richard  Thomas.  A note  would be in  our daily Aegean Odyssey journal which would slipped  under all  our cabin  doors every afternoon to  say what we would doing the next day. The journal would note such things as:

  • Location: Where would arriving from the  sea  and a brief note on the significance of the locality
  • The  days key events  happening on  board  with  the time  given eg. Ambassador lounge11.15 a.m.  Lecture by  Robin  Cormack …. ‘Hadrian and the limits of the Empire’. Hadrian  (AD  117 – 36) was one ost cultured and pro-Greek of the Roman Emperors. He was an able military strategist who realised that the Empire could not expand forever. He was also an enthusiastic builder who used architecture to impress vassal states.




Around the main Reception Desk and  in the small library,  were many models of ancient  triremes. This was to constantly remind us that were passing  through a very ancient  with a long history  when ships like these  plied these  waters. See this website:  Images for triremes


1435 1434

14321438 1431








Sailing At Sea:

IMG_5489 IMG_5488 IMG_5487











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