Ken and Harriet’s Travel posts from 2003 to 2018.

Harriet (my wife) and I have been travelling overseas every two years to see the world. In between we have been seeing parts of Australia which is a very large country. We are also a member of Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific (a holiday share organisation) where we have available free accommodation in 3 star apartments around Australia.  These are largely free of cost.

We both love history and art and it is very profound to us. People express their ideas on life in the way they build and arrange their living spaces. It is a bit hard to go back to 79 A.D. when Pompeii as a thriving Roman city and was buried with so little warning by 5-6 metre of Volcanic ash from Mt. Vesuvius. Pompeii  was literally frozen in time.

You can easily spend a whole day walking the original stone cobbled streets looking at all the houses, temples, public baths and shop fronts.

People express their ideas on life in the way they build and arrange their living spaces.  They maybe largely ignorant of you and the way you live and where you even live. Here are some years and countries we have been to:

Trip No. Year Month Trip Length Trip Destination
Trip 1  2003 England
Trip 2 2004 Port Douglas in Queensland, Australia
Trip 3 2005 Italy
Trip 4 2007 France
Trip 5 2008 Canada
Trip 6 2009 England again
Trip 7 2010 The South Island of New Zealand
Trip 8 2011 China trip
Trip 9 2012 two weeks The Kimberleys in Western Australia
Trip 10 2013 Scenic Tours: Amsterdam for two days then a river cruise for 14 days from Amsterdam
    to Budapest  on the Rhine river with Scenic Tours. See this website. We then personally caught
  a train to Prague (six hours), stayed for two days and then we flew home via Singapore after 3.5 weeks
Trip 11 2014 South Africa and Madagascar
Trip 12 2015 a Voyages to Antiquity … Cruises to Ancient Civilisations
 Trip 13 2015 b 27th  November – 13th December  AUSTRALIAN HOLIDAY / TASMANIA
Trip 14 2016 23rd September – 8th November THE USA HOLIDAY
Trip 15 2017 4 – 19th August 16 days Japan
Trip 16
2017 September 17 days Voyages to Antiquity: … Cruises to Ancient Civilisations
We sailed from Lisbon (in Portugal) to Rome over 17 days across the top of the Mediterranean Sea … we saw:
        SPAIN: Cadiz, Malanga, Valencia, Barcelona
        FRANCE: Carcassonne, Marseilles, French Rivera
        ITALY: Florence (by bus), Rome …. Colosseum etc.

When the trip finished in Rome, Harriet and I took another week going up by train to Lake Como then down to Milan for two days. Then we flew home to Brisbane via a night in Dubai. It was six hours from Milan to Dubai and thirteen hours from Dubai to Brisbane ….. a long way to travel.

On the way up to Lake Como, we stopped off at Assisi for two days then Verona for two days then BellagioLake Como for two days. Then we went  down to Milan for two days on our way home. I came back home with about 5,250 ++ photos …….. there was so much to see !!

Trip 17
2018 September 3 weeks Albatross tours
At the start of September this year, Harriet and I flew via Hong Kong to Zurich in Switzerland  to join a tour organised by  Albatross tours. We travelled around the Alps which included Chamonix in France for two weeks then drove to Northern Italy and stayed there one week.The posts are: