Day 10. An Alpine Adventure: Chur …. Switzerland’s Oldest City …. Started in 3,000 BC.


Play the video which gives you a You Tube experience of walking through through the oldest city of Swizterland.

Chur, the capital of Graubünden is the gateway to the alpine passes. The ideal starting point for excursions to world famous spa resorts such as Arosa, Davos, Flims/Laax and Lenzerheide. Or sights like the Heididörfli and the Viamala canyon. The winter sports area Brambrüesch-Dreibündenstein – at 2,174 meters high – is essentially located «in the city’s backyard». The oldest city of Switzerland shines, with its car-free city centre, regular markets and plethora of shopping opportunities on offer. The city of 37,000 residents is full of possibilities for visitors and residents alike.


…… The one thing that stands out to Harriet and I is the handmadeness of the buildings in the city. This is in comparison to buildings built in the modern era and built by machine methods. It gives each building a uniqueness that is very human and sometimes whimsical in character …..

…… A sign on the building: 1693 – 1975 ….. when the sign was painted. This is a very old building from 1693.

…… The Bell Tower of the 15th century St Martin’s Church which is a popular local attraction ….

….. a large sculpture in a small public square. It adds great interest to the open space ….

…. The tubs of geraniums spilling over the balconies are very eye – catching. This gave a very personal and historic dimension to the town. ……

…. A pavement cafe in the distance and a tier with a water fountain adds a very personal quality to the open square ….

…. A closeup of the pavement cafe and a tier with a water fountain ….

….. A model of the town shows the layout of the town at a glance ….

….. the 15th century St. Martin’s Church inside the church shows the pipe organ as being very central to church life. Stained glass windows are very dominant as they were used to tell Biblical stories when many people couldn’t read or write in that era compared to our era now ….

….. The whole public courtyard was made up of small hand cut stones  about  75 mm x 75 mm  all placed in intersecting curves. They were hand cut and hand placed and cut vs. machine cut and placed. This gave a very personal and historic dimension to the town.

….. It was easy to stumble upon superbly preserved old buildings with richly detailed painted facades, hidden courtyards, ornate doors and clocks …..

….. tubs of flowering geraniums in a pavement cafe area adds a very personal quality to the cafe ….

….. A hunter with a bow and arrow …… long before firearms were invented ….