Day 6a. An Alpine Adventure: Bus to Grindelwald …. a cozy Swiss ski town


The Bernese Oberland …. days 5, 6, 7 in a superb spa hotel in Grindelwald 

Grindewald: As one of the country’s oldest ski resorts, Grindewald serves as a prime example of a cozy Swiss ski town. The village represents the largest ski resort in the Jungfrau region and has become one of the most cosmopolitan holiday destinations in Switzerland. Visitors come here for the main attractions: skiing and snowboarding the impressive peaks of the Bernese Alps. For those who don’t ski or board, other snow activities like sledding, hiking, or snowshoeing help visitors earn their fondue dinner. Grindelwald is in Jungfrau Region.


… A beautiful lake at the start of the bus ride to Grindelwald …

…. a view of the lake further up the road …. anticipation of what were to find in Grindelwald …

…… green open pastures edged by trees and united by a bridged road ….

…… Green open pastures edged by trees …. winding numerous trees show the paths of creeks …. pastures have numerous farm houses show that the green open pastures are used by cows …. cows maybe up in the Alps and not feeding in the open pastures … an attractive Alpine landscape.
Read the following website:
The “Cow Culture” of Switzerland’s Berner Oberland …. read especially the last section on the high alps.

….. Beautiful valleys that plummet down to creeks at the base of the valley …. swathes of trees intersect with steep green open pastures …. see above and below photos….

….. A lone farm house offset from a communal road …. it looks over swathes of pine forest intersecting green open pastures ….. a beautiful experience of living in the mountains …..

….. a country village of many houses together ….

….. A small river that flows down from the mountains …


….. the river has a section of heavy river gravel and small stones as a beach which shows this placid river can get very high in flood times…..

See the next post on Grindewald as one of the country’s oldest ski resorts where Grindewald serves as a prime example of a cozy Swiss ski town.