1974: FJ Holden Story

MY F.J. HOLDEN CAR in 1974

One weekend I went down to Mum and Dad’s at Wilsons Creek, Mullumbimby in the F.J. Holden. On the return trip on Sunday night, I was up near Ormeau on the Pacific Highway. I was cruising along at about 9.00 p.m. at night when the red oil pressure light came on. I must have somehow not checked the oil level in the engine before I left for home.

The road was a dark ribbon of highway, bordered by trees in pitch blackness. I thought the only thing I could do would be to continue on up the highway to nearest the service station. I came upon one in about five to ten minutes. I got some oil from the station, poured the oil in and went to start my car …… no response …. it wouldn’t even turn over!! I knew then that I had done something serious to my engine. What was I going to do? I decided to hail the first motorist and see if I could get a lift into the City or at least get some help. Virtually the first motorist who came along, stopped for me. I explained to him what the problem was. No worries ….. he would not only get me back into Brisbane but he would tow the car for me! He had a tow rope with him and proceeded to tow me not only into Brisbane but to tow me right through the City to the northern suburb of Newmarket. Three quarters of an hour later, we arrived at Davidson St. Newmarket.

I was standing under the corner street light with my roadside helper. I was very appreciative of his kindness. We got to talking about the experience. When I said I was Ken Aitken from Mullumbimby, he said “Is your father Owen Aitken?” It turned out that he was Ron Cable. He had previously gone to the Seventh Day Adventist Carmel College in Western Australia with my unmarried father.

Only a few months later, he had actually reestablished contact with my father. From there we became friends with him and maintained contact in the future. As I am still a Christian, I see this as one those ongoing example of Divine protection which I have seen in so many ways.

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