Day 11. An Alpine Adventure: Klosters Alpina Hotel = 10th -11th September 2018

Holiday paradise at the heart of a fabulous mountain landscape

Klosters is different. Klosters is relaxed and sporty, stylish and humble, international and a good amount of Swissness. While always being discreet to guarantee our royal and otherwise famous guests peace and recovery. Are we in over our heads? Never! Klosters became a popular and famous summer- and winter holiday resort over the decades because of its healthy dose of understatement and family-friendliness.

Our guests appreciate shopping in the small but fine shops with a sense of style and personal consultation. Instead of flagship-stores, we have flagship-mountains, which we generously share with the nearby town of Davos. While we’re on the topic of Davos: just a quarter of an hour and a couple of meters uphill from here, but a whole different, fashionable and alpine world. That we are, despite our apparent differences, working together without any problems, is also to your benefit. For example when it comes to the guest programs and cable cars.


Alpina Hotel from the outside. Rows of red geraniums are very eye – catching.

See the website: Alpina Hotel: Home

A big carved wooden ”Welcome” Sign to welcome you.

A small pond and fountain near the hotel entry, adds a real personal note to the guests.

A large pottery jug is near the entry to the hotel.

Many floors above the ground level entry, give a feeling of personal warmth. Your impression is: These people are going to really care for my welfare.

A big outdoor armchair and cushions, a small table for drinks and overshadowed by a large umbrella, gives a feeling of relaxation to guests.

Entry Steps to the Hotel.

Entry to the hotel is via a very eye-catching sight of of red and pink flowers. Again it gives a feeling of personal warmth. Again your impression is: These people are going to really care for my welfare.

Red leaved vine is again very eye-catching.


Inside the Hotel:

The entry lounge is very inviting …… it exudes personal warmth and care. The reddish/ orangery colors of the lounges particularly exudes personal warmth and care. You feel that you would like to sit and rest after a busy day.

Driftwood sculpture around the entry light gives a very feel hand-made artistic quality to the whole hotel complex.

Eating breakfast in the meal room.

A sled for winter time when there is lots of snow around.

A pull cart when you have many things to cart home. It could be used to pull something very bulky.


Outside The Hotel:

We went out the back of the hotel and there was a whole world out there of a cemetery, a church and many houses, some dating back to 1680.

Inside the church which I later found out was Reformed church.

The ceiling of the church.

The organ of the church.

The overhead paneling of the church.

Stained glass windows in the church. The windows had Biblical themes in them as many people were illiterate in reading written material.

The pulpit in the church where the minister could walk up the stairs as shown below and preach a sermon.

See what I have said in a post on this website:

Spirituality is quite different to Religion

The sign says: Hiking and settling: In the 13 century, Walser farmers (See the website: The Walser People – A Lost Tribe, Or Not? – Austrian Alps Active), migrated into the landscape of Davos. In Klosters, monks appeared early on between 1208 and 1222 these Premonstratenians formed the provostry of St. Jakob, to which farmyards and residential buildings also belonged. Nett Kasper house house still features vaults, which were also likely to have been used by the monastery brothers.

A house from 1680.

The sign says: Proven architecture: the major, Marty Jeuch, had this impressive Prattigau house built in and around 1680. The masonry plinth gives the house a strong foundation and the so called knit work of wood creates an area above it. The building, with its panelled wood living areas, was used as a dwelling and town hall, nowadays, it holds the community library and a studio for handicrafts.

A house in this area where there are white flowers in the window boxes instead of red geraniums as in the hotel.

The church has a steeple with a clock on it. Having a communal clock for everyone to see would have been very important as in past centuries having the time like we now have in the 21st century would have been nonexistent.