Trip 13: AUSTRALIAN HOLIDAY / TASMANIA: 2015 27th November – 13th December


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A Personal Note: Harriet (my wife) and I jointly share a spirit of adventure. As we have no mortgage, we are free to travel the world financially. We built a handmade house in 1981 on five acres of land 35 kms. out of Brisbane, Australia for minimal money.

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OUR HOUSE …. An Overview

OUR HOUSE ….The Actual Garden  See  the photos of the house and garden and the history of how we obtained rejected materials like from the Supreme Courthouse stone (where the Law Courts are now in Brisbane) …. two loads for nothing in 1980. They dumped 100’s of cubic metres as fill and built a school over the top. The stone was cut out of the Kangaroo Points Cliffs in 1877.


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Ross, Tasmania Ross is an historic town in the Midlands of the state of Tasmania. On the Macquarie River, Ross is located 78 km south of Launceston and 117 km north of Hobart. The town is listed on the Register of the National Estate and is noted for its historic bridge, original sandstone buildings and convict history.



Bridge built  by convicts  in 1836

The well-known sandstone bridge was constructed by convict labour in 1836, and is the third oldest bridge still in use in Australia. Commissioned by Lieutenant-Governor Arthur, the bridge was designed by architect John Lee Archer, with the convict work team including two stonemasons, James Colbeck and Daniel Herbert, the latter being credited with the intricate carvings along both sides of the bridge.

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The boat  for going up the Gordon River  for the whole day. The  Tasmanian government was going to flood this area  in the mid  1970’s  right to the Franklin River   for hydro power. There were huge protests  on the  Franklin River  to the point that the Federal Government said  they couldn’t so they  made  Lake Pedder instead.
































Tree ferns along Julius creek near we stayed on night in our  touring van.



Looking down on  Wineglass  Bay  from the lookout at  Freycinet  National Park



Callington Mill  at Oatlands   built ion 1836 …… now restored to working order  again.



Red Roses in flower  at Barilla Caravan Park, Hobart where  we stayed  on the  1stnightwearrivedin Tasmania.













Hobart / Salmanca  ….. we stayed for three days.


General Zone
































Enjoy the sights, sounds, flavours, action and colour of Australia’s best outdoor market – proudly operated by the City of Hobart – every Saturday from 8:30am to 3:00pm at Hobart’s Salamanca Place.


















Piers: this  where  you could a quiet coffee beside the water …. Absolutely beautiful.


































Arts Centre …. Gallery






Battery Point Historic Walking Tour:

My Battery Point Historic Walking Tour is a self guided ramble through Hobart’s Historic Precinct. Battery Point in Hobart is a fascinating place to discover on foot.

This self guided walk will take you along the backstreets and around the corners to poke into the different areas and to discover its contrasts.

There will be some history, but the main thrust is to help you walk the streets and soak up the ambiance of this very unique suburb of Hobart.

In 1818 a battery of guns was established on the Point as part of Hobart’s defences, and it is from this that Battery Point gets its name.

It is nowadays a fashionable suburb in which to live, but it also contains some of the oldest, still standing houses in Tasmania.

The start and finish points are in Salamanca Place at Kelly’s Steps and the walk will take about 2 hours at a leisurely pace.

Mt. Wellington near Hobart …. Had snow  and mist  on the  mountain. A polar wind had come in bringing the snow in summer time.  No wonder we were cold. I had on a long sleeved ti shirt. Over  this was a  woollen  jumper then over that I had a padded  shirt  … a bit like a light jacket.

It was in the morning that we went up to Battery Point.  The next day  we caught taxi to Hobart Airport  and flew back to Brisbane in normal Queensland  summer heat. The Contrast !!