Palm Grove, Mt. Tamborine, Queensland, AUSTRALIA


Notes on entry from The Palm Grove Section of the Tamborine National Park:

Palm Grove Circuit (F6) from Curtis Road (2.5km return, allow 1 hour, easy grade)

The first section of this bush walk is simply called “Access track”, which highly underrates the breathtaking rainforest scenery that awaits you. The track descends downhill, first gradually zigzagging than straightening out. Walkers will encounter a number of huge trees such as strangler figs, ghost gums and the like, some of these leaning and forming some fascinating buttress root growth formations (44 stairs).

A huge fallen strangler fig blocking the path has been partly cut allowing walkers to pass safely. At the “T” junction to the “Palm Grove Circuit” track allow time to admire a gigantic leaning strangler fig on the left.

  1. Entry from “Palm Grove Avenue” (E6)

Head south on Eagle Heights Road and turn into Palm Grove Avenue when the road veers left, you will reach the end of the road after about 200 meters. Car parking spaces are not clearly marked, but recognizable; there is a turning circle and some picnic facilities at the entrance to the bush walk.


Palm Grove Circuit (F6) from Palm Grove Road (2.5km return, allow 1 hour, easy grade)

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Cleared path for walkers enjoyment!

The track starts just past the picnic area, slowly descending through subtropical rainforest and crossing a couple of small runoff creeks via timber plank bridges. The “T” junction to the “Palm Grove Circuit” with the gigantic leaning strangler fig (see above) is reached after a pleasant 15 minute stroll.

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Views to the Gold Coast

From here, keep heading downhill until a few minutes later you reach another “T” junction, marking the beginning of the actual circuit.

“Palm Grove Circuit” passes peaceful palm groves and huge subtropical rainforest trees, some of which have grown to an impressive size.  This part of the “Palm Grove” section of the Tamborine National Park is covered by an often very  dense rainforest canopy, offering walkers cooler temperatures on hot summer days.

Jenyns Circuit (F7) (4.5km return, allow 1 1/2  hours, moderate grade)

When combining the various tracks of the “Palm Grove” section, walkers can enjoy over 2 hours of beautiful scenery and breathtaking views.

Incorporating parts of the “Palm Grove Circuit”, parts of the “Jenyns Falls” trail lead into drier eucalyptus forest.  Hoop pones, brush box and grey gums abound and walkers will pass through a grove of ancient cycads.

While the lower section of this walk allows occasional glimpses of the Gold Coast, there are two distinct lookout points.  At all times, please watch for steep cliff edges and remain on the tracks at all times.

Please note that side tracks to both “Jenyns Falls” and “Burrawang Lookout” tracks are currently closed.


Starting  from the bottom amongst the bangalow palms (Australian rainforest palms) and walking up the hill  to the parking and picnic area through the rainforest area.