2021: Wyaralong_Dam-Beaudesert


Wyaralong Dam Reservoir in Queensland

The Wyaralong Dam is a mass concrete gravity dam with an un-gated spillway across the Teviot Brook that is located in the South East region of Queensland, Australia. The main purpose of the dam is for the supply of potable water for the Scenic Rim region. The impounded reservoir is also called Wyaralong Dam. Wikipedia

Harriet (my wife) and I went out yesterday to Wyaralong Dam. We live in Logan which is a city alongside Brisbane city in Queensland, Australia. We have been in a lock-down situation for many weeks with the coronavirus pandemic. The other seven states in Australia have been in a similar situation. We are very fortunate that the Australian people have abided by the lock-down situation and stayed inside their houses. With many keeping social distances of 1.5 meters from other, the pandemic has really flattened. See this website.

We can now travel up to 150 kms. away from home so that is why we went yesterday to Wyaralong Dam for a picnic. See the photos I took while we were there.