2019: Hot Air Ballooning …. 8th November ….. via Canungra


In May 2019 I, Ken Aitken turned 70 years old. I had  a big party of 50 ++ people. It was truly a joyful day at our house  at Chambers Flat. There was  a review and affirmation  of my life up to the present time.

One of the important details  of each invitation was that  there were to be no birthday presents  but people were offered the opportunity to give cash  for a future hot – air balloon ride.  People were very generous.

Harriet and I chose to go in the warmer months as in November  this year  with the  Scenic Day Tour Group The Scenic Group  has a lot to offer and as the  website says:

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The Scenic Group  had the option  of a future hot- air balloon ride leaving at 4.30 am in the morning at Canungra ….. about 0.50 hours away from us  vs. an hour away from us  at the Gold Coast.

It was Harriet’s  71st  Birthday  on the 8th  November so we decided  to celebrate  her birthday and re-celebrate my May birthday  with  a  hot – air balloon ride  from Canungra.

We awoke at 3.15 am. with a deadline to be at Canungra  by  4.30 am. We connected  with  small mini-bus which then drove us about 0.50 hours away to this big paddock out past Beaudesert. The sun had just come up so we could see what we were doing. There were three hot – air balloons. We all assigned to a balloon. The one we were assigned to turned out the largest of it kind in Australia.

It had a padded basket which  could contain twenty people which included the flight controller. The flight controller had the  qualifications of an  airline pilot. The balloon had a gas burner which released hot air up into the balloon itself. Hot rises above cooler air  so we began to rise high above the earth. We  finally rose to 3,600 feet or 1.20 kilometres above the earth. The prevailing winds gently blew us  from west to east. Every now and then the pilot would light the gas burner to keep us going up. For those in the basket, it would be a moment of  uncomfortable heat. Then we would be in a time of drifting in the wind.

We drifted in the wind for a whole hour till we came down in a farm paddock near Beaudesert. Beaudesert is a rural town and locality in the Scenic Rim Region, Queensland, Australia. In the 2016 census, Beaudesert had a population of 6,395 people. Wikipedia

On a personal note, the pilot saw that I personally  had real trouble getting into the big basket at the start of the flight as I am a bit uncoordinated. See the post: A life changing situation

When we  finished the flight, he said to Harriet and I for us to not get out of the basket  with everyone else.  He was going to make it easier for us. After everyone had gotten out, he gently tipped the basket over on its side with the gentle eastern movement of the balloon. With us hanging on to the stiff holding cords, we just swung our legs on the ground  0.75 metres below us.

We all got into the mini bus and were driven to  the O’Reilly’s Canungra Valley Vineyards. This was for a three course help yourself breakfast. After breakfast you could sit down by the nearby creek or walk  up  the viewing platform for platypus rising to the water surface or could get a feeding bag to feed the  enclosed alpacas. The  mini bus eventually delivered  us back to our cars to go home.

See the photos below of our awesome hot- air balloon ride.


There were three hot – air balloons. We all assigned to a balloon. The one we were assigned to turned out the largest of it kind in Australia.

The small mini-bus which drove us about 0.50 hours away to this big paddock out past Beaudesert.

We steadily rose higher and higher.


Wyaralong Dam Reservoir in Queensland

The Wyaralong Dam is a mass concrete gravity dam with an un-gated spillway across the Teviot Brook that is located in the South East region of Queensland, Australia. The main purpose of the dam is for supply of potable water for the Scenic Rim region. The impounded reservoir is also called Wyaralong Dam. Wikipedia

A view of the forested hills in the Scenic Rim region around Beaudesert.

The two other smaller balloons way down below us.

An industrial shed in the Industrial section of Beaudesert served by a railway line.

A view over the farm land around Beaudesert. The cord is a cord to a camera which could take photographs of us in the basket.

Wyaralong Dam from a distance.


Bromelton House photos

Bromelton House: John Oxley Library

Bromelton House, near Beaudesert, was the main residence of a large run owned by Hugh Henry Robertson Aikman who held the first squatting licence for the property in 1842, possibly the first squatting licence issued for Moreton Bay. He called the house “Broomelton” after his home in Lanarkshire in Scotland.

The McDonalds came to Bromelton in 1860 and lived there longer than any other family. By 1860 when the land was sold again it was a property of 13,500 acres.   The homestead, which underwent many additions and alterations over time, was built of red cedar from the banks of the Logan River.   Home to many visitors, the guest book has 4,500 names including that of  the opera singer June Bronhill.  The house was built above a huge calabash shaped lagoon and the garden is dominated by a Castanospermum australeor Black Bean tree.  150 years later the tree is still there.  The garden also had roses, citrus trees, grapevines.  Extended to include a wide range of plants including tropical and temperate gardens Bromelton House was included in the Australia’s Open Garden Scheme.

The State Library of Queensland holds several books and photograph albums on Bromelton House including: Photograph albums of the MacDonald Family of Bromelton Station 1850 – 1910; Rosa Caroline Praed Papers ca. 1885 – ca. 1930; George Knight Erskine Fairholme [Work of Art] ca. 1845; The William Boag glass plate negative collection; The Macdonalds : Australia – 1814 onwards : by sea, by land : and a place called Bromelton by Joyce Gloster.


See also this website:

Historic Bromelton House sells for millions

Bromelton House sits within two hectares of landscaped gardens, formed around a native bean tree that is well over 100 years old.

The garden, which is regularly ­featured as part of Australia’s Open Garden Scheme, overlooks a 150-megalitre lagoon, which has water harvesting licenses from the Logan River.

The farm also includes a pecan ­plantation: There are nearly 3000 pecan [trees] and that’s a good little side earner for us,” said the new owner, “We have already sold pecans to a Swiss company.”….. see the dark green trees below.

The End of Bromelton House photos.


Farmland around the town of Beaudesert. Beaudesert is located on the Mount Lindesay Highway, some 91 kilometres (57 mi) south of Brisbane. The area sources its income predominantly from rural activities such as cropping, grazing and equine activities, as well as tourism. It has a racecourse, 50-metre swimming pool, public library, two gyms and mountain scenery.

The town of Beaudesert being past over by the balloon.

The distant Mt. Lindsay could not be seen clearly due the bush fire smoke haze.