Day 12a. An Alpine Adventure: Hotel Caesius Thermae and Spa Resort at Bardolino (Italy).


From the Albatross Tours Schedule:

Lake Garda …. days 12, 13, 14 & 15 

2.    Stay two nights beside stunning Lake Garda

3.    Enjoy lunchtime in centuries old Bolzano

4.    Spend a day at leisure exploring  the lakeside port and villages of  Lake Garda 

5.    Enjoyed a guided tour of  Romeo and Juliet’s Verona

6.    Enjoy an early morning visit to historic Salo

7.    Enjoy a wine tasting and lunch at the Redaeli de Zinis wine estate


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A sign for the hotel at the lake-side town of Bardolino.

The well kept entry gardens give a very inviting entry to guests. It says: ‘We are going to look after you while you are here’ ….. which they did superbly .

The hotel entry lounge.

Red carpet leads up the hall to all the rooms.

Our actual bedroom …. nicely appointed.


Outside the hotel:

Outside the hotel ….. there were many tables you could go outside if the weather was appropriate.

There beautifully attended gardens out of the hotel ….. it was a real pleasure to walk amongst them.

Outside the breakfast room on the ground floor, was a very spacious lounge and eating area you could relax in.

A very eye catching pipe sculpture as you walked down to the swimming pool.

The swimming pool was a very large pool. It had a little bridge that you could cross over instead of walking right around the edge of the massive pool.

There were plenty of deck chairs you could relax in and umbrellas you could put for creating shade. It was early in the morning when I took these photos so there was no one using the pool.

The well attended garden had this precise clipped hedge.

The vast outdoor eating area you could bring your food to on a big tray if you wanted to enjoy the day and the pool nearby.

People enjoying the pool.