Perth: Day 1 – 3 = 14th – 16th September 2022 …. The Train We Travelled On For Three Days to Perth.


We went with  Discover Australia. They flew us down from Brisbane to Sydney (= 740 kms.) and we were then personally picked up and taken to the main railway station in Sydney. We then caught a train (the Indian Pacific) that travelled on the Trans-Australian Railway to Perth (= 4352 kms.). The train had 36 carriages and two engines to pull all the carriages. 

Read about the Indian Pacific History and read about the Onboard Experience


When we caught the train, we left the man-made constructed suburbs behind and entered green fields of monoculture crops. Then it changed to dry bush then vast areas of what I would call savannah country.

See the photos below.

The green fields of monoculture crops changed to dry bush then vast areas of what I would call savannah country.

Trucks and vehicles on the parallel road.

Semitrailer on the parallel road …… maybe coming from Adelaide or Perth (= 3930 kms.). I know this as I have friend called Colin who regularly drives his semitrailer from Brisbane to Perth and back.

The train at Cook …… a ghost town. See the town at this post.

In the carriage up from us was the passenger lounge. At the far end was the bar where you could get a coffee or tea, any kinds of drinks from soft drinks to alcoholic drinks. In the next carriage was the restaurant carriage where breakfast, lunch and dinner were served with individual and personal service by smiling waitresses and waiters. See the photo below.

Harriet, my awesome wife having a real heart-heart discussion with another passenger Pamela.

Harriet, Pamela and Ken have just finished breakfast.

A monument explaining the Indian Pacific train journey in an Adelaide (South Australia) railway station. See the photo below for details.

A picture of the Indian Pacific train.

All the people getting back on the Indian Pacific train in the Adelaide railway station ….. very busy !!

Harriet having a rest as we wait for our train to come. We had just come from our Barossa Valley trip with dinner at the Seppeltsfield Estate.