Day 10. An Alpine Adventure: Glacier Express … 10 – 11th September 2018


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This particular morning we boarded the famous Glacier Express train which takes through the ” Valais” through Switzerland’s finest mountain scenery. Ranked as one of the world’s top train trips,we were seated in panoramic carriages as we crossed some of the 291 bridges, the Oberalp Pass we went through 91 tunnels. In the early afternoon we arrived and had time to explore Switzerland’s oldest city Chur (see the post). The traffic free zone in the old town had a wonderful atmosphere with its boutiques, shops, bars and restaurants. At he end of seeing Chur. we connected with our bus and we continued to Klosters where we stayed two nights.

The bright-red Glacier Express passes over glaciers, across gorges, and above river valleys through Switzerland’s spectacular mountain scenery. This narrow-gauge line is the only direct service between the exclusive ski resort of Zermatt and chic St. Moritz—and is considered among the most beautiful scenic trains in Europe.

If you wish to read more, see:

Glacier Express: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


These are some photos I shot through the train window. The naming of places and localities was unknown as we we were just passing through.

A view of mountains across green paddocks of grass.

A view of mountains with a village below.

A view of roads with a truck on the road …. some human sign amidst the splendor of the mountains and valleys.

A view of mountains with an other village below.

A view of mountains with a cable car post on the hillside. We were to have a great experience of cable cars at Klosters.

A mountain lake we passed by as we went to Klosters.

Looking out through the carriage window at green paddocks of grass and farm buildings …. very restful compared to the steepness of mountains and valleys.

A river flowing on largely flat ground is a great contrast to the steepness of mountains and valleys.