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Note: I would like to share with you through these few words, photographs and hyperlinked websites, a 3 Dimensional experience as though you were actually there with us. Click on any photograph and it should enlarge to different size ….. at least half screen or size full screen. It will be clearer in detail than the photo on the post. It will be as if you were really there looking at the actual scene. You are an armchair traveller with us.


In November 2017, my wife Harriet, and my son Anthony went over to visit the Big Red Shed Recycled Timber in Darra, Brisbane, which is incorporated with  another business …. Timber Transitions

We all went as Anthony was very interested in their Bush Hut creations. These huts are modelled in early Australian traditional lines of huts from heavy hardwoods. All their timber is milled close to Brisbane on a portable Lucas mill. Each hut is lovingly handcrafted and therefore unique.

The structures  are in these timbers: ironbark , blue gum walls and spotted gum floors. The verandah is spotted gum with tallowwood or ironbark posts.

It was absolutely fascinating looking the huts being built on-site. See their gallery of huts they have actually built at Bush Huts

We had a fascinating look at the furniture made from recycled timber in the Big Red Shed Recycled Timber next door. At The Big Red Shed, they run a busy, full-time joinery and furniture workshop. Their hand-made pieces are unique, durable and beautiful.

After seeing all this over several hours, we realised we liked it all in a wonderful way because Harriet and I were pioneers of all of this in the early 1980’s when we built our house using recycled timber, stone and bricks to give a  very hand made house versus a machine built house.

It is wonderful that our son has caught a special vision to build a treehouse on our land. He has largely finished it. See his tree house on our post:  OUR LAND OVERALL.  See the section halfway down the post: ANTHONY, OUR  SON, BUILDING ON OUR LAND …. 2016 for  the finer details and photos.

House = Hanging Mobile

A bas relief of hanging driftwood which I collected when I was walking along the ocean beach a Ballina, NSW Australia in 2003. It is hung on little loops of wire and fishing line.


The house has been built and positioned as though it is an ‘Earth House’ …..  as though it has  grown up from the earth among the trees. The big glass windows in the front reflects the surrounding bush. This means the flat plate glass is not so apparent as shiny glass, in stark contrast to the informal green foliage around the house. It is a hand-built house as evidenced inside  …. See the next post:  Inside the House.

The only thing that stands out, is the sharply defined lines of  the roof line  contrasting with the informal lines of the tree canopy. In the photographs above and below, entry  is  over big stone steps around  our little amphitheatre.

External View of the House

Looking at the house through the outside Amphitheatre Garden Room in front of the house.



Our house is really hidden away among the  trees on our land …..


The above outdoor table was totally redone by my son Anthony. He took off all boards in the table and sanded down the whole framework with his mechanical sander. Then he took three cut flitches from the Roy’s mobile field saw and using an electric planer, rounded the corners of each  flitch. Then he screwed down the three cut flitches onto the frame of the old table. He then painted the table  with a  clear  waterproofing liquid. This gave the table a golden – brown timbery effect  with the  grain of the wood being very apparent.

He then cut a large hole to fit a large umbrella for having  outdoor meals in a shaded environment. It makes a wonderful table to have outdoor meals with breakfast and lunch. At night for dinner, we eat inside as there are too many mosquitoes in our summer heat of our Queensland climate in November, December and January.


See the next post:  Inside the House