Trip 16: Day 14a. An Alpine Adventure: Verona in Upper Italy …. General Pottering from our Hotel …. Market Square …. 20th – 21st September 2017


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Our Bus Tour with Albatross Tours was only several hours there and back to our hotel. We could have spent hours there as Harriet and I were at Verona for two days 20th – 21st September 2017 on our Trip 17: Verona = 20th – 21st September 2017 …. General Pottering from our Hotel …. Market Square. Because we saw so much, I have copied the post into a post on this page. We absolutely loved going around Verona for two days.


Market Square:

In our pottering we came upon this big market square. The square was formed by beautiful old buildings in a rectangular shape. The market consisted of tables loaded with saleable market items under big all weather  umbrellas in a cream colour. The umbrellas stretched over an area of 100 ++  metres in length.  There was a hive of activity in buying what seemed an infinite series of choices.


A pavement cafe where can get a good meal while you at the market.

Near to the square there was a bell tower with a clock and a sculpture on a huge column nearby.

To see a car was a very rare thing and the streets were done in the small cut stone blocks placed in curves.

Footpath paving and steps under some buildings where huge marble slabs and huge stone columns.

Closeup of  footpath stone paving

Detail in the iron gate ….. very intricate !!

A beautiful arch of one building outlines the hanging plants from balconies in the adjacent building

A mixture of paving stones:  Small hand cut stones about 75 mm x 75 mm all placed in intersecting curves  in the road placed alongside of large dark paving stones and placed alongside of large light paving stones

A handmade building  with intricate handmade windows and balcony details

Arches connect one building to the next

Timber joists of a floor above ground level gives a very personal hand-made quality to the building. It reminded us of our handmade house in Queensland, Australia.

See the  house post: OUR HOUSE …. An Overview

A lovely hand-made  door in a building

 A street in bitumen with wide footpaths on either side in wide flagstones

Another bell tower away from the one near the market place

Another lovely  door in a building with stone steps and intricate iron  lace above the door

Some cars in a parking area !!

Some hand-made windows in a building

The beginning of new phenomena appearing in many buildings  as we walked back  to our hotel at the end of the day. Apartment occupants have started a whole street effect of planting hanging plants from  their balconies. This gives a very soft planted effect against the painted walls of the building.




There were beautifully etched wrought iron fencing to 1.25 metres high around each porch. The porches went up to four storeys above the street. It was just spectacular looking at these porches. Many of them had vines  and plants hanging down from pots on the porches. The plants would grow to the height of the wrought iron fencing and parts of the plants would begin to trail down …. finally hanging downwards from the porch. The plants would stand out in a soft green band of planting against the ochre or cream wall plastering.

If there were owners to each apartment, many owners were contributing to this planted street affect in a conscious way. It was  a beautiful effect over several streets of apartments.

Some apartments with shops on the street I saw had grown in street level pots a small tree which has grown a smooth twisted trunk (which could be obtained by judicious pruning).

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