Trip 15: POST 3: OUR HOLIDAY IN JAPAN …. Cruise on the Sumida River in TOKYO …. Day 3 of 16: 6th April 2017


…. The boat we travelled  on the Sumida River in Tokyo ….

…. A beautiful, eye catching flower box of flowers and tulips. Tulips are very rare in Subtropical  Queensland where Harriet and I come from. It is too warm.

They like colder climates  as  down  in Southern Australia or overseas.  What we do is to trick the tulip bulbs in getting them to think they have gone through winter overseas. We put  them in the fridge crisper in April / May, then we take them out and plant them in late May. They grow and flowering late August. See them out in this post of our extensive garden of ten garden rooms at this post … half way down.


 …. The prominent Sky Tree Tower ….

See this website: Tokyo Sky Tree Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors

The prominent Sky Tree Tower is flanked by 2 buildings  and an artistic golden icon.  Asahi Beer Brewery’s building with a Golden Flames on its roof.

See the 40 Photos in this website of views on the cruise:  Tokyo Highlights Afternoon Tour and Sumida River Cruise