Trip 4: CANADIAN HOLIDAY in May 2008 …. JUNEAU in ALASKA ….. The Walk to the Mendenhall Glacier: Post 5


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Our group was going on a nature walk to teach us about how to take better digital natural camera photographs.

There only 14 people in a our group led by Brandon. See the photographs and detail below.



….. Brandon, the leader of our group was there to teach us about how to take better digital natural camera photographs as we walked  though the trail. I asked him what would happen if a grizzly bear came  upon our group.  He said he had  a can of capsicum spray to spray it in the  face  ……. See the sign below on  the frequency of human-bear encounters. The  sign says carry pepper spray. The difference between pepper spray and  capsicum spray  is  given in  this  website: Pepper spray (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). They both have a similar effect. Its inflammatory effects cause the eyes to close, taking away vision. This temporary blindness permits people using pepper spray for self-defense an opportunity to escape

g-travel-us-alaska-skagway-liarsville-bear sign-2012


…… Harriet in red  with our group walking through the National Park on the track to the Mendenhall Glacier ….


…. Green moss over the ground and  on the rocks gives a soft green carpet effect over the  ground ….












….. Ken and Harriet at the mighty Mendenhall Glacier  in the background with the surrounding snow covered mountains.  The Glacier is a moving mass of ice with rugged crevasses.

…. Brandon, the leader of our group …. was there to teach us about how to take better digital natural camera photographs …… I am still on an e-mail connection with him in  Alaska from Australia. Brandon had done a digital  camera course in the USA and had come up to Alaska to be an apprentice to Mark Kelley.  See Mark’s website

I just had an e-mail from him in January  2009 where he said: I completed my work in Alaska at the end of  September and returned to New Hampshire to be with my family. Before I left I made a contact  with a National Geographic Photographer named Flip Nicklin. Now I am living in Maui and working with  a non-profit whale research company called Whale Trust. I will be here until the end of April and will then return to Alaska. I have recently updated my website if you would like to view some shots from Alaska and around the USA.


…. The group walking to where the boat is anchored so we could go to see whales in the Bay  ….


….. The boat we went to see whales in the Bay …..

…… One of the whales seen our boat trip …..


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