Trip 12: Post 2a ….. Day 1 = 9th May ISTANBUL: InterContinental Istanbul Hotel … Where We Stayed For Two Days

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2015 May 9th – 29th …. HOLIDAY OVERSEAS … Istanbul – Venice — Dubai = Overview


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ISTANBUL 10.05.15

When we flew into Istanbul from Australia, it was a 21 hour flight from Brisbane in Queensland. We left on the 8th May, Friday night at 2.00 pm. in the morning!! Fortunately we had a friend of ours, Rob who lived at Morningside (about half an hour away from the Brisbane International Airport) who gladly took us to the Airport two hours before we left (his suggestion!). That meant we were not dependent on  the Airport Train getting us there at 10.00 pm. = a 4 hour wait!! We flew straight to Istanbul in Turkey with a  stopover in Singapore and Dubai to connect with a small ship with Voyages to Antiquity.

As I said in Post 1, Harriet and I both love history and art. This is not studying things out of books that other people written for you to read and understand but it is really about actually walking through, photographing, sensing and reflecting on what you actually see in unique three dimensional ancient buildings and the art that is part of the building. Then you  can then discuss with other tour  members of with friends  when  you get home. With me, I can add posts to personal experiences website, insert selected photos  and write appropriate text  as now, then send to hundreds friends and associates around the world. I frequently send out our personal experiences photos and then links to the website posts. 

We love the real sense of personality in these old buildings and their hand-madeness. This is in contrast to the way buildings are built today with their machine-like qualities: Office buildings are built out of concrete, metal and glass. Houses are built out of bricks shot out of a machine, timber of different sizes and shapes shot out of a machine as well and houses built by efficient machine – like methods to make them as cheap as possible.

When we landed in the Istanbul Airport, we were met by the man with Voyages to Antiquity We were taken to a very large hotel in where we were all staying for two days as part of this trip. The hotel was the InterContinental Istanbul Hotel The hotel is many floors in height. We were given a room way upon the 47th floor. The hotel was in a beautiful area.

Because I get up early every morning, I was outside for two days before breakfast at 8.00am. See the photograhs I took of the Hotel the adjacent park and the general area around the hotel in the next two posts. By 9.00 am we would all assemble in the hotel lobby to be transferred by a colour coordination group theme onto two buses which then took us to different places Istanbul to see Byzantium history and art.


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The Hotel  Inside  and Outside  in the Garden:

The External View of the Hotel:


The Internal View of the Hotel:



The External Garden at the Back of the Hotel:

Because I have come from  a long past Landscape Design  and Construction  business of 20 years  in Brisbane, I very conscious of gardens in other countries….. the layout, the plants they have used and the over all affect. See the photos below of the Intercontinental Hotel Garden.



I was out photographing the garden and the gardener asked if I would like a photograph of myself in the garden …. which he then took.


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