2018: Alton Lodge at Coorangbong in January

January 2018: Mum (Norma Aitken)  at Alton Lodge, Nursing Home,  Cooranbong in January 2018.  Mum with Gerald Aitken  …  Mum’s second son) and  Helene his wife and Ken  Aitken (Mum’s  first son) Harriet his wife.

We all grew up at Wilson’s Creek in the  1950’s  ánd 1960’s. See the post:

Wilsons Creek where Ken Aitken Grew Up in the 1950’s and 1960’s

For me, it is a unique time that was very foundational from a personality and character point of view. It is very much my account and my three brothers would have very different memories and would have had different focuses.

Ken  Aitken and Harriet his wife with Mum


August 2018: Harriet and I had driven down over two days from Brisbane  to Coorangbong to see Mum in Alton Lodge before we went our holiday to Switzerland  in September.

My brothers Gerald Aitken  …  (Mum’s second son) and  Helene his wife and Ken  Aitken (Mum’s  first son),  Harriet his wife and Rick …  (Mum’s third  son) and his wife Di came up from Sydney to see Mum over three days.

Harriet, Ken’s  wife sitting in Mum’s room.

All of us having lunch around the corner at the Elephant Cafe in Cooranbong.