Talk about a collapsed market ……


Note: I would like  to share with  you  through  these few words, photographs and hyperlinked websites, a 3 Dimensional  experience as though you were  actually there with  us. Click on any photograph and it should enlarge to  different size ….. at least half screen or size full screen. It will be clearer in detail than the photo on the post. It will be as if you were  really there looking at the actual  scene. You are an arm chair traveller with us.


Yes, it’s an entire 13 story building in China lying on the ground.

Collapsed Building 1

(1) An underground  garage was being dug on the south  side of the building, to a depth of  4.6 meters (15 ft).

(2) The excavated dirt was being piled up on  the north side of the building, to a height of 10 meters (32 ft). 

(3) They dug right up to the base of the building. Then the  rains came.

(4) The building experienced uneven lateral pressure from north to south.

(5) This resulted in a lateral pressure  of 3,000 tons, which was greater than what the un-reinforced pilings could tolerate. Thus, the building toppled completely over in a  southerly direction.

Collapsed Building 2

First, the apartment  building was constructed.                                

Collapsed Building 3

Then the plan called  for an underground garage to be dug out.
The excavated soil was piled up on the other  side of the building.

Collapsed Building 4

Heavy rains resulted in water seeping  into the ground.Collapsed Building 5

The building began to  tilt. Then it began to shift, and the
“hollow” concrete pilings were snapped due to the uneven                                 
lateral pressures…

Collapsed Building 6

And thus was born the  eighth wonder of the world.

Collapsed Building 7

If these buildings  were closer together, it would have resulted in a domino  effect.

Collapsed Building 8

Notice that there’s NO rebar in the pilings!  Just some wire mesh  …

Collapsed Building 10

Collapsed Building 11

Collapsed Building 12

Collapsed Building 13

Collapsed Building 14

Collapsed Building 15

Collapsed Building 16

Collapsed Building 17

Collapsed Building 18

They built 13 stories  on grade, with no basement, and tied it all down to hollow pilings with no rebar …                            

Made in China