Day 7a. An Alpine Adventure: Bus to Bern ….. A City in Switzerland …. 8th September 2018

These are some of the sights we saw as we travelled on the bus to Bern …. the capital city of Switzerland.

… A beautiful sight of the still water of the lake, the green grass of the lowlands, the chalet – type houses and the rising mountains ….. spectacular !!

…. The Bus We Went On:

Overall we spent two weeks going through Switzerland and one week in upper Italy at Lake Garda. We went from Zurich in Switzerland to Milan in upper Italy over 17 days. We went from the 1st September to the 17th September 2018.

Our tour of 26 people was driven by a wonderful bus driver Michel for three weeks and led by a wonderful tour manager Reinhard. He was Austrian by culture and knew the areas so well …. overall and in the detail. He was excellent with people and even observed that I was three quarters of the way through a book I was reading.

….. Mountains arise out of the lowlands around the lake ……

….. A rising mountain with snow on it. It unusual to Harriet and I as we come from a subtropical climate in Brisbane, Australia. Snow on mountains is very unusual to us ……