2011 CHINA TRIP: DAY: 10th – 28th October  = 19 days


Overview Of Our Trip to China:

We had a three week holiday in China from the 10th – 28th October  2011.  We went with a group for 19 days (three weeks) to look at ancient China with the  WendyWu group. We went out amongst 1.3 billion people for three weeks only. Cities were often 20 million ++ people. We went to look at Ancient China.

The Wendy Wu website says: Ancient China ….. 19 Days:

If you desire to learn more about China’s incredible past, we trust this tour will stimulate the historian in you. Whilst touring China’s most ancient cities you will trace the roots of one of Asia’s most fascinating cultures.

This tour will take you from the present capital of Beijing to the ancient cities of Xian and Luoyang. Tour the most significant sites of the imperial age; climb the Great Wall and explore the Forbidden City in Beijing. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage listed Yungang Caves, the Longman Grottoes and the unforgettable Hanging Monastery.

Wander  the charming streets of the UNESCO World Heritage listed town of Pingyao. Be enthralled with Xian and its many wonders, from its  ancient City Wall to the incredible Terracotta Warriors.

Your journey ends in the dynamic city of Shanghai where you can explore ancient and modern China.


Day 1: 10th October Flying to China …… Brisbane to Singapore

Day 2: 11th October …. Singapore to China

Day 3: 13th October …… Beijing Generally ……Hotel Area and Meals

Day 4: 13th October ……. Rickshaw Ride

Day 5: 12th October …. Forbidden City

Day 6: 12th October ….. Lunch in the Hutong Alley area

Day 7: 12th October …. Temple of Heaven

Day 8: 13th October …. Peking Opera

Day 9: 13th October …. Stadium Area

Day 10: 13th October …. Jade Factory

Day 11: 13th October …. Great Wall

Day 12: 14th October …. Summer Palace

Day 13: 14th October …. Shaolin Restaurant

Day 14: 14th October …. Restaurant for dinner

Day 15: 14th October …. Cosmopolitan Shanghai …….. Show at the Liyuan Theater

Day 16: 14th October …. Explore Shanghai …….. Silk Market

Day 17: 11th October …. Chinese market in the street

Day 18: 11th October …. Flying to Singapore

Day 19: 11th October …. Flying to Australia