Day 14c: An Alpine Adventure: Copy 2 …. Coffee at Garda on Lake Garda 13-14th September 2018


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There is a previous post of coffee at Garda on Lake Garda:

Day 14b. An Alpine Adventure: Coffee at Garda on Lake Garda 13-14th September 2018

We were having such a great time in that there were too many photos of this area to put into one posts. Two posts were made of the area.

Ken & Harriet having coffee by the lake, Ken has his orange cap on. This enables Harriet to pick him out in crowds of people.

The boulevard beside the lake. It is done in stone paving with many seats and tables.

A garden of red flowers in the boulevard …… very eye catching.

A stream which flows into the lake.

The bridge over the stream.

The stream as it flows under the bridge to the lake.

The synagogue which was comprehensively looted in the Nazi occupation.

The mountains in the background to Lake Garda. Isolated houses where built on the steep slopes long before machinery was invented. This leaves the question of how they did they build like this with just manual and animal power?

Getting tickets for a ferry ride to Sirmione on Lake Garda.

Boats tied up in the harbour on the lake.

A piece of sculpture which commemorates an Italian war hero.

A Pavement Cafe where all the tables were covered with table cloths. It gave a personal, homely quality to an impersonal space.

A swan and a duck sharing the water in the lake.

Big Italian houses on the far shore of the lake where the lake was very narrow.

A very personal entry to a bar and pizzeria.

The contrast between the far side of the lake which has many houses built along the steep slope of the shore and the closeup, visible structures of umbrella, planted pots, tables and chairs of the restaurant and bar.

Close Pavement Cafes joined together. It is really one big eating and drinking areas. It gives a very personal quality to the area. That is one thing that characterizes Italian culture is their personal, creative service.

More Pavement Cafes.

A special garden space with concentric stone paving, water fountain and flowering plants.

This was the end of our time for coffee with our team at Lake Garda ….. an Awesome time !!