Spirituality is quite different to Religion

Spirituality is quite different to Religion. Spirituality is implicit (inwardly self evident and undefined). It refers to how an individual lives meaningfully with the ultimate questions of life, his or her response to the deepest truths of the universe as he or she apprehends these. It  answers such queries as:

  • Who are we as a people?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • What values should I live by?

Religion is explicit (outwardly evident and defined) and is marked by four things: a cult, creed, code (ethics) and community (which is more inward looking). It often very judgemental as to  the way you are living.  My concern and passion now is to make a major difference in the world. This is to connect and share with other people around the world and share some of my hope and love for life.