PERTH 2: Day 2 = 15th September: Barossa Valley Trip

We came to South Australia where we had the option to go by bus to the Barossa Valley and have dinner at the Seppeltsfield Estate or go to Hahndorf.

A stroll along historic Hahndorf’s main street is a highlight for many visitors to the Adelaide Hills. Settled in 1839 by Prussian Lutherans seeking religious freedom, Hahndorf is now an artisan village and a delight for shoppers.

Harriet and I took the bus to the Barossa Valley and had dinner at the Seppeltsfield Estate. We had a delightful time. See the photos below.

There are many vineyards with many rows of grape vines for grapes to made into wine. 

Travelling down the highway through the Barossa Valley. There are many vineyards with many rows of grape vines for grapes to made into wine. The vast open spaces of Australia reminds me of our trip to Italy in 2005. Particularly of our day trip Ravello. See the post:

Trip 3: ITALY HOLIDAY in ….. Ravello = Post 3. I went to a lookout to look at the Mediterranean Sea 350 metres below but far out in front. I got talking with a fellow tourist and when I said I lived in Australia on five acres of land, he asked this question: Are you very wealthy? Where he came from, you would have to be very wealthy to have open space like Harriet and I have.

The vast open spaces of Australia as illustrated in the photograph above, is an illustration that we are not wealthy as in the question above.

The road into the Seppeltsfield Estate ….. as a very big winery where we had a wonderful dinner. Going into the Estate are rows of date palms. This gives a focussed destination. A suggestion of the grandeur of the Seppeltsfield property itself is evident through over 2000 Canary Island Date Palms, which line the approaching roads as an avenue to the estate.

Photos of some of the buildings.

A big pond of water greets as you make your way down to the restaurant.

Inside the restaurant were hundreds of people all being wonderfully fed. At our table as above, we were wonderful people we had really heart – heart talks with.


The bus taking us back to the railway station in Adelaide to catch our train ….. the Indian Pacific.