Day 6. An Alpine Adventure: Gruyers ….. the medieval town

In the heart of Switzerland, the medieval town of Gruyères offers a cultural and gastronomical journey.

The picturesque town of Gruyères gets its charm from the Middle Ages. The pedestrian town welcomes you to a gentle stroll, with its cobblestones and its fountains. The town gave its name to the region La Gruyère and its delicious cheese, Gruyère AOP.

The 13th century castle, visible from a distance, dominates the town. A multimedia show takes the curious on a captivating journey through time.
The knights’ hall impresses, the towers, ramparts, and gardens are an unforgettable experience . The museum and bar of Oscar-winning artist H.R. Giger shows the fantastic works of the creator of Alien’s. The Tibet Museum offers visitors the opportunity to discover Tibetan Buddhist art in the setting of an old renovated chapel.

See the website: Gruyères