2020. Atherton Tablelands: Post 1. B & B Accommodation Bed & Breakfast Unit On The Atherton Tablelands

Harriet and I flew up to Cairns from Brisbane in a two-hour flight with Jetsar on the 23rd September, 2020. With the Carona virus, there are not many flights in Australia at the moment. Claire (our daughter) and her husband Keiron met us at the airport and drove us up to the Atherton Tablelands to stay at this Accommodation Bed & Breakfast Unit for a week. Through the adjacent rainforest was Lake Barrine which we went to the next day. See the post: The Teahouse Cafe on Lake Barrine


The Atherton Tableland

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The Atherton Tableland is a fertile plateau that is part of the Great Dividing Range in Queensland, Australia. The Atherton Tablelands is a diverse region, covering an area of 64,768 square kilometres and home to 45,243 people (estimated resident population, Census 2011). The main population centres on the Atherton Tablelands are Mareeba and Atherton. Smaller towns include Tolga, Malanda, Herberton, Kuranda, Ravenshoe, Millaa Millaa, Chillagoe, Dimbulah, Mt Garnet, Mt Molloy, Tinaroo and Yungaburra.

The principal river flowing across the plateau is the Barron River. It was dammed to form an irrigation reservoir named Lake Tinaroo. Tinaroo Hydro, a small 1.6 MW Hydroelectric power station is located near the spillway.

The B & B had a generous verandah on two sides. The view through the glass windows was very pleasant.  The view was out on to many planted rainforest trees.  On the western side, it was pure uncleared rainforest that eventually butted on to Lake Barrine. The B & B had a generous kitchen and living room and three bedrooms.  Because Kieron had grown up in Cairns in his earlier years, it was wonderful in having a personal guide to the many things around Cairns and the Atherton Tableland. See the many posts of photos with words to illustrate where we went.

The B & B had a generous garage that could fit Keiron’s car and trailer.

The B & B had a generous verandah on in the front when you came in. It had a large dining room table and chairs if you wanted to have lunch in an outdoor setting looking out on trees.

The generous living room with a big dining table and lounge.

The generous kitchen benches, fridge, and pantry.

The B & B had a generous verandah on two sides.  On the eastern side of the B & B, there was a  lounge and several large armchairs.

The view from the verandah through the glass windows  was out on to many planted rainforest trees.  These gave a very protected view from the cars on the main road and the side road where you entered the property.

Entrance into the property was through some special fences made from boards split from some logs.

The property was in the Crater  National Park …  in the Lake Barrine section.

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