3. Flowers out and work done in July 2016 …..


Tulips out already in the big old pig trough  at the front ….


Pansies flowering profusely …..


Rhubarb growing in a big pot of compost …..


See Images for gerbera flower                daffodils                            johnquils

Plants in the Cottage Garden. See the post: Post 6: The Cottage Garden Room


Paving finished around the dipping pool ….. see the post: http://www.kenaitken.net/2-whole-garden/dipping-pool-april-2016/


Raised garden bed No. 1.                   Raised garden bed No. 2.              Raised garden bed No. 3.

Anthony has as just built us two new raised garden beds …… the last  two photographs. The first photograph is one of three in our Permaculture Garden Room.

See Post 7: Permaculture Garden Room

Raised garden bed No. 1:  It is winter time in July in our Subtropical Climate in Queensland, Australia so not much is growing. We have had a warm winter this year  so there  little in the garden to eat.

Raised garden bed No. 2. is a dedicated herb bed seeing we use  lot of herbs in our cooking and eating  eg. basil,  chives , rosemary,  parsley etc. etc.

Raised garden bed No. 3.  is a dedicated vegetable  bed. We went down to a local nursery  and about 50  seedlings in things like cabbage, tomatoes, beetroot,  spinach, silver beet,  peas, beans etc.


In a  few nights time we had some steady torrential rain. Water falling  from  the sky  has  much dissolved oxygen  it and produces abundant growth.  The bean seedling in the above photograph looks ready full growth.