Trip 7: CHINA HOLIDAY …. 2011: Day 12, 21st October … Tang Dynasty Performance


Changan Banquet, Xian

Banquet is the latest dinner + performance show now opened in Xian. In the span of 3 hours, guests are transported back to the era of ancient dynasties in which a sumptuous feast and a dazzling dance performance awaits. Wait staff are dressed in costumes of olden times, serving exquisite dishes in the Canto-Chaozhou cuisine style. Each person enjoys a 6-course dinner, starting off with Japanese abalone, and followed by king prawns and other delectables. After dinner, the sound of drums heralds the start of the dance performance portion of “Changan Banquet”.

“Changan Banquet” developed by the Ever Rich Group (HKG), is a concept borne of Xian, the historic capital of China. Two thousand years later, this production is poised to make great strides onto the international stage.

Within these three dynasties, seven women led legendary lives, their heroic deeds resonating for many generations. “Changan Banquet” builds upon their stories, using a contemporary dance language combined with a cinematic approach to the stage where multimedia technology joins with live performers to create stunning visual images. This production is truly a feast for all the senses.