Verona = 20th – 21st September 2017

Hotel Verona:

Hotel in the vicinity of the Verona Arena, the Hotel Mastino is situated in Corso Porta Nuova, near the splendid Piazza Bra Verona, right in the city’s historic center, in an area that is easily accessible by car.

Just a short distance from the hotel, discover the wonders of Verona at your own pace, conveniently touring one of Europe’s most beautiful cities on foot, including its historic palaces and monuments, and the spectacular Arena – the famous Roman amphitheater.

Don’t miss out on a visit to Piazza delle Erbe, and Juliet’s courtyard with the famous balcony from which she looked out, or the Roman amphitheater and the surroundings of Verona, whose hilly rolling countryside is home to traditional regional products, above all its truly superb wines.




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