Zurich in Switzerland ….. the old section: 1st/2nd September 2018

From:  Zürich – Extended City Tour

Get to know Zürich and its surroundings on a 4-hour walk. Visit the Old Town with its churches, walk along the beautiful River Limmat.

Spend some time see the beautiful and historical combination of culture and nature in Zürich on a 4-hour extended city tour.

You will begin by visiting the major attractions of Zurich: the Old Town, St. Peters Church – known to have the largest clock face of all the European churches, the world-famous Bahnhofstrasse, the Limmatquai, and the Guild Houses.

Stop off at the harbor for a photo opportunity, where you enjoy a beautiful view of the Lake of Zürich, and the city and surrounding hills.


Harriet and I both love history and art and we love handmade things versus a machine built buildings. This not studying things out of books that other people have written for you to read and understand but it is really about actually walking through, photographing, sensing and reflecting on what you actually see in unique three dimensional ancient buildings and the art that is part of the building. Then you can then discuss with other tour members or with friends when you get home.

Some of the buildings were dating back to 1250. There was a sign for a building in 1504.